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You can easily stream all your media with no problem. Moreover, it's also compatible with my Xbox.

I have created a slideshow in iPhoto, exported it to iTunes, and now it is synced on my iPad under the Videos application. I am planning to attend a wedding shower this weekend where I planned to broadcast the slideshow off my iPad connecting to a friend's Apple TV, however, when I play the slideshow on my iPad, it does not give the option of pushing it onto the Apple TV I also have an Apple TV at home I'm trying to test it out on. Do you know how I can get the slideshow to broadcast on another person's Apple TV since she won't have access to my iTunes.

Also, I saved the file in Dropbox so I can share the link with others. When I attempt to play the slideshow off the link, same problem: no option to push it onto Apple TV like it would if I were playing any other video. Do you know if movies will play in an iPhoto slideshow on an Apple TV 3. I've tried and can't get it to work.

How to watch Apple TV on a Mac

The movies are there in the slideshow on ATV, but it skips over them when the slideshow runs. If you don't want to buy an Apple TV, you should look in your TV's manual or search the model online to see if it has any built in features; many TV sets allow you to insert an SD card and run a slideshow directly from the card. Do not have an Apple TV - otherwise it seems handy. Most of the times I put the photos I want to show in a folder and use slideshow, full screen in preview.

When i want to make a better presentation of them i use iMovie and show it on a computer screen. Nice article Simon you've made everything very easy to follow. Tom Six i totally agree Apple does make amazing products. Apple does make amazing products, expensive but awesome. The Home Sharing feature seems like a great tool. Sweet article. Is there something similar for PC anywhere?

How to watch a DVD on Apple TV - Macintosh How To

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Use Home Sharing

How can you display iphoto slideshows on other tvs? Panasonic Viera, for instance? It's that easy. AirPlay 2 lets you play a song on every Samsung Smart TV in your home at the same time or adjust the volume in any room -all in sync.

Buy Smart TVs. Watch your videos on the big screen With AirPlay 2 built in, you can stream or share content from Apple devices to the big screen.

How to solve issues related to iTunes Home Sharing?

Show your favorite photos and videos Make your favorite photos and videos — including albums, slideshows, and Memories — the center of attention by sharing them on your Samsung Smart TV. Share with everyone in the room Doing something on your Apple device that you want the whole room to see? Previous Apps on your Smart TV.