Mac flashback virus in action

I got a link to what looks like a malicious Flash Player installer this morning. The URL will not immediately trigger suspicion for most people.

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Once the site loads, you will see a fairly convincing-looking screenshot of the Adobe update notification window while an installer named FlashPlayermacos. The resulting file is very small, only K. A malware, as it is not detected by ClamXav. Further, I was able to open the installer package without any warning from the OS, despite the fact that I had forced the XProtect definitions to update before opening it.

If you ever see a Flash Player update notice, just close it. Then go straight to www. This particular scam was not particularly convincing. The link was sent to me by a colleague, who in turn had it sent to him, so I have no idea how one would end up on this page. By definition, a virus infects.

Nothing to stop a virus or malware file from hopping from one computer to another. Unless there is GOOD protection on both ends! I have to admit, I finally installed Sophos on my Mac last week. I did it through gritted teeth but I did it. It found no malware which I consider to be a good result seeing as how I've been running my Mac for three years without any protection. But given the changing landscape I'll keep using it now just in case, it doesn't seem to make any difference to performance.

Funny to see all the Window users rubbing their hands with glee, it's about time the had something to smile about! And the malware Sophos found on my Mac was on a drive I use for backup which contained Windows files from an old computer. So your data is still getting out there.

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Your Chlamydia comparison is totally uncalled for in this article. Where are your journalism ethics? What would be interesting is also to compare on that computer feedbacks Sophos collected the different versions of OS X infected. The solution is not to de-infect macs. The solution is for windows users to wakeup and buy a less malware plagued computer. I wonder how many are in the same boat as I. I lost my home and everything to being sick and the depression of the 21 st century.

I no longer can work but love my G5 Mac. No one is updating this machine, but it still runs with how many security holes? No one wants to buy me a new one and I can't, so I surf with it, maybe delivering malware to others? Sorry about that… But what's a boy to do? Amazingly, there's still plenty of updated software that runs on the old G5s — assuming you're running OS X Specifically, the Java-exploiting Flashback used Intel libraries that would not be loaded on a G5.

I have spyware that so far nothing will find, but I know it is there because the person sends me mesaages and calls and tels me what I did on my computer recently. And I use a big name anti-virus. Please give advice on what you should do with a brand new machine fresh from the box. What e-mail system, what browser? You don't have any spyware.

New Mac malware epidemic exploits weaknesses in Apple ecosystem | ZDNet

You have a spy. It's not the same thing. You have someone who's enabled remote access to your machine, something that can be done from the system preferences or by manually installing a standard application that wouldn't be "detected" as there's nothing to detect. PC Users have allowed this to happen to themselves. They pay Microsoft for poor quality software that has so many holes in it that it cannot function. Hey Apple isn't alone, they need to fix the JVM faster, but they also take the necessary steps such as depreciating software much faster.

Flash is no longer installed by default. Install at your own risk. Microsoft and PC Industry as the vast majority of computers out there need to start acting in a responsible manner.

Flashback virus – a malicious Trojan horse which targets Mac OS X users

Depreciate software faster, provide a quality products and locking out bad software vendors. The problem with the PC industry is they won't work together — each wants a leg up so you get compatibility problems. Why does a PC's video drivers need to be updated if Microsoft and a big company like any of the ATI's cannot communicate?

The PC Industry allowed us to get to where we are, that's mostly Microsoft, Adobe Can we say flash bugs all over the place and several other big PC vendors. Its not perfect granted but I see PC users nowhere to be found on this front and Patch Tuesday isn't the answer, that's just patching the greater problem. Sensationalist scaremongering and absolute nonsense. Those of us who knew it was only a matter of time before the malware pushers started targeting our Macs and knew that NO system is inherently immune to such attacks find it difficult to believe that many Mac users STILL don't get it.

But the stats don't lie.

Apple taking technical, legal action against Flashback malware

Twenty percent of Macs harboring any malware at all — regardless of whether or not it targets the Mac — is an epidemic. The argument that Windows malware on a Mac is "benign" is unconscionable unless such users never interact with other users. You don't even have to interact with Windows users to be a part of the problem. If you pass Windows malware to other Mac users who DO interact with Windows users, you're a spreader node just as surely as if you gave it to the Windows users yourself.

The notion that "As long as I'm not affected, it's not my problem" is a maddeningly myopic mentality — a relic of the increasingly success-proof isolationist perspective that simply doesn't work in a world of increasing interconnectivity. Ironically, even a monk meditating in isolation a cave knows that separation is an illusion.

Yet, people with massive electronic connectivity still manage to believe that their actions have no consequences. It stops the mind. No such claim is being made. And the "Advice for Mac Users" section contains advice that is good for all computer users. User education is the key, and I guess people who read this Blog aren't really the target audience.

Apple lovers: 1 in 10 Macs in the U.S. is now infected with the "Flashback" virus!

Tim: I admit I'm completely at a loss to understand the first sentence in your post. It appears that you have imputed to my post a meaning that I never intended. Your use of the passive voice without a semantic subject makes it impossible to understand what you're talking about. And what claim are you referring to? Did you expect me to disagree with your statement that the "Advice for Mac Users" section contains sound advice for all computer users? I don't. I would agree that the people who subscribe to this blog and actually read it probably are a bit like the choir, preaching-wise.

But the readership is not limited to subscribers. For my part, I post links to NakedSecurity articles on several bulletin boards that are unrelated to security, and I occasionally send such links in emails. Some people appreciate it, and have learned from it, but for whatever reason they do not subscribe, and even those who do subscribe don't read it consistently.

I think you're right about user education being the key, but "education" is not a bivalent condition…as in either you're educated or you're not. Those who are genuinely educable recognize that learning never ends. That's why I keep reading. It certainly is possible to forward email, but forwarding infective spam is an unusual act. Some of the others are things I would expect to find in the browser caches of reckless wanderers, but they are hardly an infective threat to anyone from that position.

The comparison to Chlamydia is worse than tacky, it is outright deception.

Chlamydia is frequently asymptomatic in the short term but it is living and causes problems in the long run.