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When strategically applied, primer is the secret to making your skin look glowy yet shine-free in photos. Here's how Keogh uses primer to make Kendall's skin look flawless: "After moisturizer and before foundation, I apply a pea-size amount of Smashbox gel primer on the 'hots spots,' or areas where unwanted shine and oil stand out," he says. That means right above the brow bone, center of the forehead, sides of nostrils, and chin.

Keogh follows up with foundation, then applies loose powder right over the hot spots for extra shine control. Instead of using cream contour products, Keogh opts for a foundation that's a few shades darker than Kendall's true base color.

Kendall Jenner Inspired Bronze and Red Lips Makeup

He uses Armani's Luminous Silk in 8 to sculpt the cheeks and forehead. How genius is this: After filling in Kendall's brows, Keough tops them off with lip balm for high-definition shine. After all, if you don't want the hair on your head to look dull, why would you tolerate dull brows? Naturally, Kendall has the brow type everybody wants in "full, beautiful, and straight across," according to her makeup artist. But according to Keogh, pencil is not enough to execute the perfect look: "I add a touch of rosebud salve to get an extra added gloss," he says.

Like all of her sisters, Kendall is obsessed with highlighter. But if you want your glow to look natural in pictures, skip the glittery powders. Speaking of feigning bigger lips: "Kendall actually likes to line her own lips and is really good at it too," says Keogh. Kendall applies her lip shade of choice on top of the nude liner, and the result is surprisingly natural.

It's time to retire the ultra-drying matte liquid lippies of Kendall proves that a "velvet" lip look is more modern. Whenever Keogh applies one of Kendall's high-impact reds, he taps some loose powder after the first coat of lipstick "to matte the lip down. Taps foot. And yes, orange blush. I like Chanel creme one and the Sisley yellow orange-one. Or gold or ivory with black liner. Looks great on you, Sara! Without some intense dark green accent on my eyes bright orange lipsticks don't look good on me. Maybe because orange is a very unnatural color for me, so I need another strong unnatural color to balance it.

I am so tempted by this lipstick! I love a good orange red and the formula sounds dreamy. Very pretty on you! Thanks Katherine. Yes orange, it is really warm, You can go for something more peachy perhaps. Hahaha Alison, if you love orange lippies, you will adore this one.

The formula is seriously out of this world. I need that Sisley blush, like now! Which Shu Palette? The new huge one. I was not sure about that one so skipped it.

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Would you recommend it? Hi Jane, thanks, yes I will take this one with me to holidays :- I am actually no where close to relaxed lol but I am trying. I am going for a big change in terms of job and it makes me a little nervous. Blue dark liner, I have to try it out because I love orange blue combination! Yes too much bronzer is bad with orange lippie, also on me. Hi Hara, oh, lol I am not sure if they look ok but I am trying. First I was shying away but then I found out it is about the combination.

Morange is really a pretty shade, fits so well with the blush Freshen Up from the collection which I use mainly to make orange lips work on me. I don't have the CT one. Do you order CT from their webpage?

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Hi Bella, I am very nervous about the new job. I hope it all ends well! Oooh Sunny, thanks so much to remind me of that great tutorial. I watched it again after you mentioned it. Three weeks will be great. I can't wait! But when I think about everything I have to finish before I finish it here I have to hyperventilate.

Oh I have yet to try purple and orange combination. Actually when I was doing the make-up, for a moment I thought about it. Purple and red also looks pretty but it would be too much for work. Maybe I try it out for a night out and let you know :- Thanks for the suggestion. Of course it makes you nervous, Sara, it is stressful. Even more so, if you move to something new.

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It takes me about month to get fully comfortable and autonomous in a new environment and for the male office population to finally stop staring at me. I changed 4 jobs in the last 6 years, including different countries, cities and industries. Everything is luckily temporary : I hope that your new role will be great and you will enjoy it. But if you notice that something is not exactly as you expected, please don't waste your time and energy, trust your first intuition and start looking for another job right away.

It may sound counterintuitive as everyone usually tries to positively impress on a new place, but I now rather focus on how I feel. If something wrong, the sooner you switch, the less damage for your career - during the trial period, you can leave almost immediately with a clean cut - never having to show this job on your CV, to explain to recruiters why you left or showing a weird work certificate written by an unprofessional former boss. It never hurts to have a plan B, also helps to feel less nervous :.

Looks so good on you, Sara. And yes, when it comes to orange red lipsticks, I always pair it with warmer blushes. I experimented with pink blushes before, and it clashed like crazy. I had to put bronzer over the blush to warm it up, and so that I wouldn't look so weird.

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I purchased Morange along with Freshen Up but I don't want to touch it!! I was ready to purchase CT from the official site but then there was the exclusive gift set at Selfridges with the things I liked more from the collection so I caved in and bought the set with cream bronze and glow,highlighter and cheek and lip plus Miss Kensigton lipstick plus red. It's the new huge one, yes. I love it and feel it is under-rated. But I am very pale neutral toned so it may not be right for everyone. Granted I am wearing it in summer when I am more warm toned than I am most of the year, but I love it.

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There are really great, subtle neutrals, that are a tad cooler than I usually find, it has just the right cool colors, and some gorgeous bronzy shades. Even the browns, which are my "don't go there" colors work. I can't explain it, Sara.

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Maybe you can. I've read Lauder is manufacturing liquid lipsticks, similar to Shiseido Lacquer Rouge. I can't wait to see what the company whips up now that they have gone for a more youthful demographic. I love to hear what you think. Fell free to write in English, German or Turkish.